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February 14th 2018

Nintendo Switch
Playstation 4
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One Bullet. Four friends. Infinite laughs. Frantic couch multiplayer battles! Friends and family become foes in the arena, where each player has a gun and one bullet. Wait for the perfect moment…take the shot…oh, you missed? Well get back in there, pick that bullet back up, and fire away!


Guilt Battle Arena is a one-man project by Timothee Verrouil (Invincible Cat). It first came to life in september 2012 as a hobbyist prototype named Lucil VS the World. Life went on and the prototype was left on the back burner for a while. 2015 was a big turning point in Guilt Battle Arena's development: supported by Vancouver’s Indie community, Guilt Battle Arena was showcased and put into player’s hand for the first time! Overwhelmed by the positive feedback and players enthusiasm, Tim started the production in December 2015 and founded his game studio Invincible Cat in May 2016. The idea behind Guilt Battle Arena is to provide a fast paced, deceptively easy experience and utterly charming visuals. Inspirations range from Slayin to Castle Crashers.


  • 13 Game Modes: If blasting your buddies is too easy, try Hot Potato, where shooting someone passes a bomb to them. How about Capture the Flag, where anyone who doesn’t have a flag at the end of the round gets blasted with cannons? How about making EXPLODING CHICKENS RAIN FROM THE SKY?!
  • 10 Stackable Gameplay Modifiers: Ever wanted to jump through low gravity while using faster, short-ranged bullets to shoot friends that just so happen to be ghosts who can steal bullets after they’ve been taken out during a match? *deep breath* Well NOW YOU CAN!
  • Accessible, Two-Button Control Scheme: All you need to do is jump, shoot, and move. Chaotic complexity comes with advanced moves like double-jumping, air-dashing, and diving!
  • 79 Wacky Costumes: How many games let you play as a cute ‘lil potted plant with a gun? We’ll wait.
  • Many Ways to Play: Vote on the next round, compete in 10-round championships, or customize every battle, it’s up to you.
  • Bots: Waiting for your friends to arrive? Too good at beating fellow humans? Our bots can be used for anything, ranging from target practice to intense challenges!
  • Bring peace back to the galaxy solo or with a friend by defeating the Dreadful Judge’s endless hordes of henchmen through 10 different arenas.


Guilt Battle Arena v3.0 Trailer YouTube

Guilt Battle Arena Launch Trailer YouTube


Ghost - Chicken Rain 2.png
Alien Pet (2).png
Alien Pet.png
Cat Mania - 3 shot.png
Heart Stealer.png
Fatal Dodgeball (2).png
Fatal Dodgeball.png
Rocket Man - Normal.png
Shoot Behind.png
Short Range.png
Third Eye.png
Hot Potato Bomb - Jetpack - Trampoline.png
Low Gravity.png
Gold Rush.png
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Awards & Recognition

  • "Best Gunfight Party Game" LUX Life Magazine (2018)
  • "Best Art (finalist)" Indie Prize (Seattle 2017)
  • "Best Audio (finalist)" Indie Prize (Seattle 2017)

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About Invincible Cat

Invincible Cat is a one-man indie game company, dedicated to create fun, unique and polished games.

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Timothee Verrouil
Game Developer

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